We are …New

This is all new to me. One Morning I woke up feeling very disturbed while tears fall from my eyes. I needed some comfort but my closest friend was afar from me. Then I decided that I need to focus on something far better than anything which was Christ. Designing a blog is way of being save and also save others. i want a blog that will bring peace and understanding whilst opening eyes to mystery to others. I want to write about understanding and discovering life and what more is there to life. I want to move forward and i want others to move forward. i believe one day, this blog will save life and Jesus will be glorified. #Jesuschrist #mysteryunknown #life

Published by lifecalling25

I am an introvert that wants to be free to working together and understanding a sitaution whilst given a good and fitted response. I love sports, i can play any with team spirited players. I'm still a Youth.

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