What does it means to follow time?

Most often we say, we’ll wait for the right time”. What is the right time to you? Have you ever thought that the right time might be a second close to you. It’s never always next year or next 5 years. It might be that moment you’re within but you never realise it. God’s time is the best but you have to walk within that time of His. There is always an information He gives for you to know the Right Time.

What do you do while awaiting the right time? Do you play around or do you take action? You should develop what you do and one day your greatest achievement will be known. Time is precious, everyone knows that.. But what does it really mean, being Precious?

Should I pursue? Should I overtake? Is thine season within my reach? She asked and seeketh a time. What shall she do with the answer? Recover all or multiply 1sam 30:8

What matters?

What matters to you more than God? Is it life, riches, friends, hobby’s, sucess,…? We should also remember to put Him first in everything we do. For the bible say we should seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added to us, Matthew 6:33. So what do you seek first?Continue reading “What matters?”

Check your Foundation

Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, What can the righteous do? KJV There are different kinds of foundations we should build up. *Characters. *Discipline *SALVATION (being Born Again) *foundation of Prayer and Fasting. * foundation of staying in the Word ( The Holy Bible) * Foundation of Holiness ( the strongest foundation) don’t playContinue reading “Check your Foundation”

The change of life

The things you are experiencing now – the confusion, the tension, the new emotions, the mood swings, the slowing down of your body, the worry over the future…. are nothing to be afraid of They aren’t happening to you because you have done something wrong or because you are love any less than before. TheyContinue reading “The change of life”

My Father’s House

You have to remember and claim your right. He has given us all things. In our Father’s house there is: 1. Forgiveness Heb 8:12 2. He forgets your mistake Ephesians 2:8. 3. In my house I am celebrated Luke 15:22. 4. Your past isn’t held against you Galatians 2:20 5. Everything is for you butContinue reading “My Father’s House”


I have to give an attention to something/ someone. Given it to someone makes me lose track and it consumes alot of energy. So should I stop given it to that person? Well I think I should. Who should I then give it to? To Christ, my Saviour. My focus should be on Him. IContinue reading “Focus”


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